Cape Specialties


South Africa is also well known for what is often called the Cape Specialties.   The South African wine industry has a long history of fortified wine production producing wines known as “Cape port”.   These wines are made from a variety of grapes in a process similar to the winemaking techniques, Shiraz & Pinotage.  The many styles of “Cape port” include the Cape White, Cape Ruby, Cape Tawny, Cape Vintage, and Cape Vintage Reserve Port which closely parallel their Portuguese counterparts.

Another Cape Specialty is the Amarula Cream.   This liquor is made from the Marula fruit which grows in the open African plains.  It is the perfect blend of fresh cream & the distilled Marula fruit.  Its unique flavors of this fruit along with chocolate, caramel and a hint of butterscotch make this a drink with distinctive, exciting and sophisticated taste.

Van Loveren Red Muscadel


Four Cousins Marula Fruit Cream


Four Cousins natural sweet red


four cousins natural sweet white


Allesverloren Old Vintage Port


Viljoensdrift Cape Vintage Port


KWV Brandy - 10 Years Old


Van Lokeren Five's Merula Cream


Van Lokeren Ruby Port


Klipdrift Brandy


Richelieu Brandy


Serengeti marula


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